2013 Basic Itinerary

2013 Itinerary

Red Track - Malta option if strong winds prevent us from visiting the Aeolian Islands
If the 2013 Basic Itinerary is not displayed below it can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page

2013 Basic Itinerary - Aolian Islands & Malta options ‎(Subject to revision at any time)‎ revised without Azores

During the "Cruising" sections the specific Itinerary on a week by week basis will be decided by the Skipper and the current crew bearing in mind the weather and the leaving/joining destinations of a crew change.  Strong winds could seriously influence our schedule and the number of Islands we visit. With longer passages, our departure and arrival dates will be dependent on the prevailing and forecasted weather so please view the Basic Itinerary as a guide.