January 2011

 7th January 2011 - Kos, Greece
Another windy day in Kos Marina, the sun is shining, the temperature is 10c and the northerly wind is blowing 33 knots!
The Marina is very secure with no surges but we do seem to get a lot of wind. I have removed my cockpit enclosure as it was starting to chafe against the mooring lines. As it's far too windy to work on Freya outside, it has given me the opportunity to get this Blogspot up and running. I have also obtained some prices for some more Solar Panels which I will order from the UK on Monday. Still quite a few jobs to complete on Freya before May but the external jobs will have to wait until spring when the weather should be more conducive to working outside and climbing the mast. I must also try and find a local stainless fabricator to repair my existing Solar Panel support bar - that looks like a 5 mile walk on Monday.
Last night was the "Liveaboards" Happy Hour night in the Marina which was good fun - quite a few people have now returned to their yachts after going home for Christmas and New Year. Another update in a weeks time.

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posted Jan 16, 2011, 1:54 AM by Malcolm Sanford   [ updated Jan 16, 2011, 2:28 AM ]

 16th January - Kos Marina Greece

I completed the 5 mile walk on Monday to find the stainless fabricator, (I actually found a different shop than the one recommended by my friend Mark) Very little English spoken but I had made a sketch of what was required and they said it would be ready on Wednesday. I left it until Friday – another long walk and guess what – it will be ready tomorrow!!!. I will wait until Wednesday hopefully it will be ready then. I did manage to find some gas pipe fittings which enable me to finish the installation of the Gas Shut-off Valve and Sensors.

My friend Paul has a modification to his anchor windlass to stop the chain from jumping off the gypsy. He has an identical windlass to me and has allowed me to unbolt the modified roller so that I can get an identical part made by the fabricator. I stripped out my windlass and discovered that there were no penny washers or backing plate on the bolts and they had nearly pulled through the fibreglass shelf.

I have ordered the additional Solar Panels – 3x95watt, hopefully they should arrive by the end of the week. When I can get the original panels back up (when the fabricator has finished the support bar) I will have 695watt of panels which should give me an actual power input of 30A/hr peak into the batteries.

The weather has been quite nice this last week, a little rain but mainly sunny (and windy) The view from Freya is a lot nicer than last week.

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