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Crewing on Freya

What is involved in crewing on Freya?

For safety reasons and the comfort of fellow crew members we operate a strictly No Smoking policy onboard Freya.
You will be a member of the crew and participate in the daily duties together with the other crew members onboard.

You will be expected to, among other things:

  • Assist when we leave and come to a port or a mooring.
  • Stand a watch of 2-3 hours during which time you will be responsible for the boat under the skipper's instructions.
  • Help to set, reef, furl and take down sails.
  • Be responsible for keeping your cabin and heads clean and assist with general cleaning of the boat.
  • Assist in provisioning the boat.
  • Undertake "Galley Duty" and prepare lunch and dinner for the skipper and crew once or twice a week.
You don't need any previous sailing experience but it is an advantage if you are active, interested and eager to learn. Being independent and used to travelling will enhance the experience.
On Freya we are all dependent on each other to get the most from the adventure.


An example of a typical day on

  • 08.00 - Skipper and crew prepare their own breakfast and clean the dishes.

  • 09.30 - Days ashore:                                                                                                                                                                               When we go ashore during the day we do not normally eat on-board though you are welcome to return and prepare your own lunch.
  • During our days ashore we normally do things together which can involve Hiking, renting a vehicle to explore inland or taking a Taxi tour but you will be perfectly free to do your own thing or stay on-board and relax, listen to music, sunbathe, swim, snorkel or read. During days ashore the crew will also be responsible for provisioning the boat as necessary with all costs reimbursed by the skipper upon production of receipts. 
  • As we rarely go into a Marina we normally will have dinner on-board Freya, but if some crew members wish to eat ashore in certain locations, the skipper or the designated dinghy driver will take them ashore in the dinghy before sunset, again the choice is yours to make but it will be your responsibility to engage a water taxi for the return trip to Freya.
  • All food consumed on-board as meals is included in your daily rate but please note that snacks - chips, nuts etc; wine, beer, spirits and sodas are not included but you are welcome to bring your own on-board.                                                                                            

  • 09.30 - Sailing days:                                                                                                                                                                                                          We will sail or motor depending on the wind. The crew will be divided into watches with normally 2 persons in each watch. Each watch will be responsible for the sailing during a watch period of 3 hours under the skipper's instructions and guidance.                                                                                                          During a watch, the rest of the crew can relax, socialize, read, sleep, listen to music or sunbathe in the cockpit or on Freya's large deck cushions. We sail rather conservatively which means we will reef (decrease sail area) early so that we have a comfortable sail. If we have the wind from the behind (a run or a reach) we may hoist and unfurl the 150 sq metre Gennaker and enjoy an invigorating sail. During the sail the "galley duty" will prepare lunch - normally a salad/sandwich's. If convenient to our passage we might also anchor for lunch in a secluded bay and enjoy a swim/snorkel.
  • 17.00: If we are making a night sail we will continue to sail, otherwise we will anchor in a suitable anchorage in the late afternoon.
  • 18.30: Now some may feel that it is time for a "sun downer" while the "galley duty" prepares dinner. Dinner is normally served in the cockpit and we normally sit, talk, play cards or watch movies until it is time to retire for the night.