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2011 Crew

Written by former Crew Members  (email addresses have been removed for privacy reasons, but are available on request.)

2011 Kos Greece - Datca Turkey
Ahoy me Hearties!!
I've had a fantastically chill-out experience with Captain Malc and I was the "motley" part of our diverse Crew and my new friends. I'm going to write the RYA Handbook on Greek Mooring and Anchoring! We have had fabulous sunshine constantly and a great course to windward for my final day to finish off. I've had a right good crack with what were all strangers to start with and are now my friends. Good luck Malc and all your Crew on your "Pimped-up-Ride" Freya. I look forward to joining you on that Atlantic leg and looking at Gibraltar to start with. Keep in touch! Keep safe!
Paul Waldeck - UK
(joined Kos-May14th, left Datca-May 24th)

2011 Kos Greece – Cesme Turkey
I could write a book with all the funny stories I have had on this boat. From shopping for groceries with you in Kos to my inability to “drain the hatch”. I am amazed at how you have transformed Freya into the boat she is today with all of your genius modifications. If ever I buy a boat in the future I will definitely give you a call for advice. I have learnt so much from you and the crew about more than I had expected. From how to sail and emergencies on the water to how to cook rice and which song is or isn’t Elvis Presley!. You have a great sense of humour and I have really enjoyed joking around with you. I really consider you my friend and if you ever come down to New Zealand you will always be welcome. Have fun with the “Caped Crusader” and feel free to let me know of any further “ mishaps” that happen. I look forward to the next time we meet and remember if you use the acid – don’t put it in your eyes!
Tim van der Wherff - New Zealand
(joined Kos-May10th, left Cesme-June 9th)

2011 Cesme Turkey - Dikili Turkey
This week with Freya, Malcolm and the Crew - Alison, Teresa, Altan (and Tim for a few hours) has been absolutely amazing. We call this trip PER: Post Exam Re-hab which has meant little work, a lot of sleep and a few half asleep zombie-like moments of crawling over to the sun beds for more relaxation. As a Captain you have done a great job of helping us with everything from water pressure and cooking questions to toilet incidents which needed a gentleman's expertise!! We have really enjoyed the relaxed environment and hope you and your crew will enjoy the rest of the summer in the Med. We are both hoping to get some opportunity to crew aboard Freya again!
Malin & Emilie -  Sweden
(joined Cesme-June 8th, left Dikili June 15th)

2011 Yalikavak Turkey - Istanbul Turkey
For 32 days Freya was my home, I set out on an adventure to meet people, make new friends and experience the west coast of Turkey. malcolm, you've picked some lovely spots to stop and anchor. I have enjoyed your stories of experiences at sea. Freya is lovely and you have done a wonderful job of making her a great cruising boat with all the upgrades. The trip was more than I had expected, exploring small hamlets and villages, swimming in lovely waters and staying in the marinas, coves and quaint fishing harbours was wonderfull. Thank you Malcolm for sharing "Freya" and for making the adventure and experience a pleasure.
Teresa Lukianiec - Canada
(joined Yalikavak-May 28th, left Istanbul June 29th)

2011 Skiathos Greece - Volos Greece
Looking back on our first contact with Lars H. and the experiences there felt, this was the following up on a great tour, the second for me, the first for Hannes. It's always difficult to describe what you think when you go on a boat, the freedom feeling of being on water and knowing other people you have not met before, or just enjoying the wind and the sailing. I think this is a fine way to experience another country. You have made your dream come true. We wish you all the best and a good life onboard your Freya. Thank you for some really pleasant days.
Lief and Hannes Ageland - Sweden
(joined Skiathos - July 19th, left Volos - July 26th)

2011 Chalkis, Evia Greece - Nea Marmari, Evia Greece
After I came along on this trip with very short notice (3 days!) I suddenly found myself swimming in the Med with a lady from New Zealand telling me the story of her life!! This was a great experience for me, both socially and being on a big sailing boat. This is the way to travel, a little sailing, anchoring in nice bays and enjoying sea and nature; and once in a while go ashore to explore the villages and towns. Thank you Malcolm, you was fun to be around and it was interesting to hear you explain about the boat and your trips. Sorry though it was just for 8 days.
Johan Sjosteen - Sweden
(joined Chalkis - July 30th, left Nea Marmari - August 7th)

2011 Chalkis, Evia Greece - Nea Marmari, Evia Greece
After sailling with Lars on Jennifer it was fun being on Freya, unfortunately only for a week, but since I threw one of your wine glasses overboard I will have to come back and replace it. Well I think that will not be the only reason for coming back - you, Malcolm, have a lot of what you English are best at, Humour! and that makes being on Freya really enjoyable!!. Thank you for a nice week with the other lovely and interesting people onboard!! Don't forget to eat vegetables!!!
Ann-Catrine Eklund (Anki) - Sweden
(joined Chalkis - July 30th, left Nea Marmari - August 7th)

2011 Kos Greece – Nea Marmari, Evia Greece
86 Days on Freya!!, Malcolm thank you for sharing your wonderful home. I've had a great trip, a lovely holiday and fabulous experience. Kind regards.
Alison Mackenzie - New Zealand
(joined Kos-May14th, left Nea Marmari - August 8th)

2011 Nea Marmari, Evia Greece - Syros Greece
Thanks for putting together such a fabulous Crew!! We've made some wonderful friends onboard Freya!. What can we say about the Meltemi Wind.....! But we saw some wonderful villages and our final anchorage night was what we had pictured of saiing in the Mediterranean. Thank you.
Rob & Bev - Tasmania
(joined Nea Marmari - August 7th, left Syros-15th August)

2011 Nea Marmari, Evia Greece - Syros Greece
Thanks for introducing " Jennifer's sister" (Freya)! We've had a great week despite the Meltemi! Lots of good laughs with the rest of the gang onboard. All the best
 Marie & Pia - Sweden
(joined Nea Marmari - August 8th, left Syros-15th August)

2011 Yalikavak Turkey - Syros Greece
Another Day - Another Bay (or two)! Thank you Malcolm for sharing your home and your dream. We have had an interesting and entertaining crew list but they have all added to the experience of a lifetime!! This trip has fuelled my desire to pursue a similar lifestyle so we may meet again in some exotic port. All the best on your next great adventure.
Mark Evans - Blue Mountains Australia
(joined Yalikavak-May 29th, left Syros-16th August)

2011 Fournoi Greece - Patmos Greece
It was a very short time onboard, only one week but every day was better and better. Last night we formed something of a " Caribbean Pirates" crew and I feel sorry that I cannot participate in the parties on this yacht anymore. Thanks for everything.
Tomek Gliniewicz - Poland & Spain
(joined Fournoi-August 30th, left Patmos-September 7th)

2011 Mykonos Greece - Patmos Greece

Thank you for bringing meto these wonderful Islands in Greece. I enjoyed sailing very muchand the Crew and the Skipper were very nice partners during this time.
Maciej Hanski (aka Argy-Bargy) - Poland & Vienna Austria
(joined Mykonos-August 24th, left Patmos-September 7th)

2011 Syros Greece - Patmos Greece
Thanks Malcolm for having me onboard. My main objectives, i.e. living onboard and the sailing have been fully fulfilled. The rest was a bonus and for that I also thank Sarah+Nick, Paul, Argie Bargy and Tomek for all the laughs in between the tears ha ha. Keep well and many happy years of sailing. With luck, I shall see you in Langkawi soon. Warmest regards.
Ed "KK" Lee (aka Ouzo Ed) - Perth Australia

(joined Syros-August 16th, left Patmos-September 7th)

2011 Syros Greece - Patmos Greece
Thanks Malcolm for three full weeks of Greece and sailing, it has been an adventure from start to finish. Being the only woman around six blokes was hard at times, but by the third week I was totally in time!! What a great team, I feel sad to leave you all and hope we will meet again. Take care and let the sailing and adventures continue. Special love and kisses to Paul who we hope will come to Scotland to cook Pork Chops for us!! xxxx
Sarah & Nick - Scotland UK
(joined Syros-August 20th, left Patmos-September 7th)

2011 Patmos Greece - Kalimnos Greece
Thanks Malcolm & Crew for a great time exploring the wonderful Greek Islands aboard the fabulous Freya! It's a fantastic experience and lifestyle you've built - good luck in all future sails (especially night!)
Jude Brown - UK
(joined Patmos-September 7th, left Kalimnos-September 18th)

2011 Patmos Greece - Kos Greece
During our "Sailing" we have seen many beautiful islands. We have had a great time on your lovely boat. Everything we have done onboard have made us to be better sailors, steering ahead, anchoring, galley duty... We wish you all the best. Safe sailing.
Riitta & Jukka - Finland
(joined Patmos-September 7th, left Kos-September 22nd)

2011 Kos Greece to Santorini Greece
I did not know what to expect upon joining the crew of Freya, but I have had quite a memorable experience. The mix of crew in age, gender, nationality and sailing experience is a unique approach to cruising and I have thoroughly enjoyed my vacation from work and other responsibilities. My time has flown by all tto fast but I have made some new friendsand had an excellent time. I wish the best for this ship and her crew in future sailing endeavours and hope to join once moreaboard in the future be it in the Med or exotic locales of the Caribbean or East Asia. I will never forget (or altogether remember) my first night onboard, having aroused the wrath of the locals in Kardamena. Best wishes and good luck always.
Eben Coursey - USA
(joined Kos-September 22nd, left Santorini-October 4th)

2011 Canakkale Turkey - Santorini Greece
Okay, where do I even begin? This journey started 100 days ago and is just the springboard to the rest of my life. Some days were good, some days were bad, some days were happy, some days were sad, but in the end I walk away with a different insight on life. The various crew are what makes this boat interesting. In 100 days, believe me, I have seen a variety! have met some that will be lifelong friends and for that this trip was worth it. You can't buy friends, you have to make them. We have all changed a little on this trip, hopefully for the better. Anyway, beautiful Islands, beautiful boat and hope you continue with the wind at your back. Happy sailing.
Paul Force - USA
(joined Canakkale-June 25th, left Santorini-October 4th)

2011 Tilos Greece to Crete Greece
What a wonderful experience sailing with Malcolm on the Freya has been. Never having had any sailing holidays before I was unsure of what to expect but these thirteen days have been a memorable adventure. We have visited some beautiful Islands, some stunning scenery and mostly had great weather. However the people I have met as fellow crew members onboard Freya will live in my memories always and I will hope to keep in touch with my new found friends. Apart from somewhat rough seas occasionally, the sailing has been a marvelous new experience for me and I hope that I have learned much from it. I believe this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and can't wait to do it again next year! So keep sailing Malcolm and save a place for me! Lots of Love
Patricia Clark - UK (& Turkey)
(joined Tilos-September 28th, left Crete-October 11th)
2011 Kalimnos Greece - Crete Greece
Dear Freya, Wow! My time onboard has regretfully come to an endand words can't express my amazing experience. You are simply an amazing vessel! I was in awe, most of the time, of your power, strength and beauty and how brilliantly you guided us through our fabulous memories in Greece. Along with Malcolm ou make an unstoppable team, I bet you appreciate such a brilliant helmsman. With no effort you have moved people from all around the world to share in joy, laughter, experiences and the appreciation of nature, all along the way fulfilling our dreams. I depart my journey with much joy, peace and serenity in my heart, thank you. I will miss you and all the wonderful crew who each will hold a place in my heart forever! and to you Malcolm...Thank you for all that you have taught me, thank you for the endless laughter and most of all for an experience I will always remember. Your heart is big and I admire you. My soul hates goodbye's, I write this watching my last Greek sunrise over the Med. Those lovely mornings alone with you and all the beauties of our great planet were very special. Past  Crew's departures were a tearful time for me and now my turn will be the hardest. All my best and pleasuresduring your future travels ahead. You can be assured not a day will pass not thinking about my very special moments in Greece. I leave with much gratitude! Peace, Life and Love to all. especially the "Deep Blue Sea"
Hark, I will be back for more!!
Daphne Sipes - USA
(joined Kalimnos-September 17th, left Crete-October 16th)

2011 Santorini Greece - Crete Greece
Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with us. Sailing from Santorini was a dream come true and a night sail into the sunset made it even more magical. Fantastic crew and great company all in the safety and comfort of the wonderful Freya. Maybe a trip to the Caribbean for some sailin and diving will be next on the agenda. Don't forget the "Dude Shark" and apologies for Dale thinking everyone was his "man servants" xx. PS I will travel lighter next time!!! Fair winds.
Linda & Dale - Scotland UK
(joined Santorini-October 4th, left Crete-October 16th)

2011 Kos Greece to Karpathos Greece
Having sold my Turkish Gulet earlier this year, I was feeling pretty low and desperately missing being out at sea. I feel so lucky, therefore, to have discovered Freya+Malcolm and have just spent a wonderful month sailing around many beautiful Greek Islands enjoying the sights, sun, sea and stars and meeting lovely new friends. Freya+Malcolm you are a superb team. Malcolm, you are a great guy and an excellent skipper who always puts the safety of his crew first. Freya, you are a beautiful yacht with all the latest technology, very spacious cabins, Saloon and even the Galley!! Also those lovely deck cushionsfor that all important sunbathing!! I will never forget my first ever real sail and always felt safe. As the saying goes " when one door closes another opens" Freya & Malcolm you have certainly opened that door for me - it was a wonderful experience. I am sad to be leaving but am already looking forward to my next trip. Thank you so much.
Tricia Holman - UK (& Turkey)
(joined Kos-September 22nd, left Karpathos-October 25th)

2011 Santorini Greece - Crete Greece
In our first correspondence I asked if Freya was as bright & shiny as in the on-line photos. Your response was - it was your home and it was!! Well you have a beautiful home, bright and shiny with every convenience one would want. Thank you so much for welcoming me so warmly into your home!! I so appreciated all the personal touches you have added to Freya that make it a first class sailing experience. I especially loved the beautiful sheets (on the bed) and comfy duvet!!! I feel I have made two new friends - you and Freya, and hope to visit again for another adventure, See you again, Your friend.
Terry Layman - USA & Israel

(joined Santorini-October 4th, left Crete-October 31st)

2011 Crete Greece - Crete Greece
Dear Malcolm, thank you for making "Hell on the High Seas" into Home on the High Seas. Lovely sailing with you. Have a lovely winter in Crete.
Nita Reguar - USA & Israel
(joined Crete-October 10th, left Crete-October 31st)

2011 Crete Greece - Crete Greece
Hey Monkey! This whole trip has been pure luxury compared to previous experiences. You've spoilt me! I still need to build on my callouses though, hands aren't quite rough enough yet, even with all the cleaning. Have plenty of bruises now, but hopefully everytime you see Freya sparkle (rust free) you will think of me twisted over the guardrail with a tiny scrubbing sponge in hand. I've learnt a lot despite your - "This is not a training ship! motto" - thanks for passing on your wisdom. I hope your adventure continues wherever you decide to go to. Maybe our paths will cross again one day. All the best. The tall, shedding blonde hair Ozzy chick.
Tessa Swain - Perth Australia
((joined Crete-October 10th, left Crete-October 31st)
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