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2012 Crew

Written by former Crew Members  (email addresses have been removed for privacy reasons, but are available on request.)

2012 Crete Greece - Kasos Greece
The first entry of 2012! Either I’m honored or otherwise just the first to walk the plank….

Thanks so much for a great trip Malcolm, it’s been fun getting to know you, Freya and the Crew – apart from some wind we couldn’t have asked for more with lots of good times, great scenery and fantastic food.
I’m looking forward to the next time and meantime will keep you posted on progress with the international rights to your cockpit lampshades… if you spot me moored up next to you someday in my own Freya you’ll know it was a good idea all along!
Thanks also for the Greek Island – Hopping Itineraries – there’s so much to do. I’ll keep in touch + all the best in the meantime.

Tim Webster -
(joined Crete-May14th, left Kasos-May 20th)

2012 Crete Greece - Amorgos Greece
Greek Odyssey Recipe

Danger Goats
Rock Boats
Water Nazis
Goat Worriers
Chicken Faux pas
Smoking Rings
Place all the ingredients in a boat (Freya is recommended) mix gently in the ocean until a few go green. Back in sunshine for around a month, allow to rest on beach and sprinkle with beer & crisps.
Garnish with a game of Killer for final touch.
A fantastic holiday! Thank you and all our love.
Super Kim & Fender Girl - Norway & UK
(joined Crete-May13th, left Amorgos-June 4th)

2012 Astipalaia Greece - Naxos Greece
Dear Malcolm, it feels so strange to say goodbye after you made me feel so at home, I was hoping my trip would never end.
My first time in the Greek Islands has been a very special time because of you.
All the laughs, good food & stunning anchorages have made this one of the best trips of my life – and it’s truly all thanks to you.
So thank you and see you next year for more of the three “B’s” – (although I’m not too sure about the third B!)
Julia Beveridge - Australia
(joined Astipalaia-May24th, left Naxos-June 9th)

2012 Crete Greece - Naxos Greece
There are holidays and there are trips abroad, but I don’t mix them up with sailing on Freya in the Greek Islands – any relationship between the two is purely coincidental.
What a boat!
What a Skipper!
What a place!
What a time I had!
Thank you Malcolm & fellow crew members.
I will be back!
Gabriel Lavelle - Ireland & Australia

(joined Crete-May13th, left Naxos-June 9th)

2012 Astipalaia Greece - Paros Greece
Many thanks for sharing your home and adventures. By sailboat is truly the best way to explore the Greek Islands. The education I received in cooking, sailing and English-English was really fantastic! You have made my time in Greece unforgettable. The beautiful bays and unspoiled islands can only be enjoyed by sailboat and you and Freya have given me the opportunity to visit them.
Many thanks and I wish you the best in your adventures around the world wherever you and Freya decide to go.
I will have to join you again sometime to claim my Ouzo!
Cheers mate!
Nick Boldt - USA
(joined Astipalaia-May24th, left Paros-June 12th)

2012 Amorgos Greece - Serifos Greece
When I decided to join Malcolm on board Freya I didn’t have any idea how will it be like. I always wanted to sail the Greek Islands and spend some time on a sailboat.
I found Malcolm by website and contacted by email. BTW: Malcolm is a new digital age guy, so he uses emails, Facebook, Mobiles etc. He will even set up a good WiFi on board when we are in a Marina or anchorage.
For 2 weeks Freya was my home and I really enjoyed staying there. I spent a lovely time on board together with other people from all around the globe. I think the biggest advantage is that Malcolm offers crewing opportunities to everybody as he is open for people. I have seen very nice places on small islands that I wouldn’t probably have a chance to see traveling by plane. We had fun and adventure exploring islands together not only on board but also on mopeds, car and sometimes on foot.
Malcolm is a very nice and friendly man although swearing sometimes when he gets p…sed off but thanks to it he kept us alive. I can only envy him his adventure, I am impressed with his passion for sailing which keeps him happy and in very good shape!
I took lots of nice pictures during this trip which will be later available on my website. I also now know that life jackets are made in one universal size!
I would like to say a big THANK YOU! once more to Malcolm and everybody who shared this adventure with me.
Wishing you all the best Malcolm in your journey around the world and all the best to my other crew mates!
Albert Nowiki – Poland -
(joined Amorgos-June 1st, left Serifos-June 15th)

 2012 Milos Greece - Poros Greece

Thank you Malcolm and all my crew mates for every day of the 2 weeks we were together. I have some sailing experience but this trip gave me something else.
Victor Alexeev – Russia
(joined Milos-July 1st, left Poros-July 15th)

2012 Milos Greece - Evia Greece
Thank you Freya, Malcolm and all wonderful crew members during my stay from Milos to Chalkis.
I wish you all the best
Irma Hyvonen - Finland
(joined Milos-July 1st, left Chalkis-July 28th)

2012 Kea Greece - Evia Greece
Thank you Malcolm & Freya for a great but too short week on board. We had some good laughs, good swims and “good” wine.
Best of luck to your future travels
Mari & Kimmo – Finland
(joined Kea-July 21st, left Chalkis-July 28th)

2012 Crete Greece - Skiathos Greece
Dear Guestbook,
I know you don’t like me for my handwriting, but to be honest I don’t like you much either. But your owner Malcolm is pretty cool so I guess we both have to bear with it for a moment.
I mean, when I got on board three months ago I had never been on a boat before and wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into. Seems like I got myself into a whole lot of fun and new experiences.
We went to so many different places together with a wide range of people and I was able to explore the islands, make new friends, learn sailing, learn free-diving, adopt a crappy accent and fully experience living on a boat. All thanks to Malcolm and Freya. Small wonder that I stayed longer than I had originally planned.
So my little Guestbook, go out there and make sure that a lot of nice people come on board to make the same experiences that I have made.
I will now leave you and your owner whose company I have come to cherish so much and whose boat will always have the place of a home within me.
Goodbye, until the next time.
Paul Jost (a.k.a. Gunga Din) – Germany

(joined Crete-May 7th, left Skiathos-August 6th)

2012 Skiathos Greece - Halkidiki Greece
Dear Malcolm, thank you for a very relaxing and enjoyable ten days aboard Yacht Freya. It’s been great floating from bay to bay with you. With your patience I think I have also learnt a little bit about sailing!
Your boat is lovely, I wish you the best of luck in your future adventures.
Tom Wooster - UK

(joined Skiathos-August 4th, left Halkidiki-August 14th

2012 Skiathos Greece - Halkidiki Greece
Dear Malcolm, thank you for a great few days expanding the number of Greek islands that I know have under my belt and adding another 150 miles to my sailing experience. We’ve seen some beautiful places, had a lot of laughs along the way and my knots have certainly improved! Bet of luck for all your future travels.
Hannah Whyte – UK
(joined Skiathos-August 4th, left Halkidiki-August 16th)

2012 Skiathos Greece - Limnos Greece                                                                                     Malcolm, thanks so much for my introduction to a great time sailing. I’m sad to be going back after a fun and relaxed 2 weeks with you and the crew. I think it’s great the lifestyle you have on Freya and I’m grateful that I got to sample at least 2 weeks on board. Good luck to you and Freya for the future. I will keep a close eye on how you get on and hope to come aboard in the future. Thanks for all your patience and keeping us safe whilst sharing the Greek Islands with us. I will look back and remember a great time with great people. Thank you.                                                                                                          Noel Cotter – UK                                                                                                                                                                                                              (joined Skopelos-August 6th, left Limnos August 20th)

2012 Halkidiki Greece - Lesbos Greece                                                                                                Freya is a very well run yacht and Malcolm is a very seasoned Captain. I had a great time sailing around the Aegean Sea. Wish I could have stayed longer, hope to come back one day. Many thanks for making it possible. Best.

Nicolas Kullmann – UK                                                                                                                        (joined Skopelos-August 6th, left Lesbos August 23rd)

2012 Limnos Greece - Samos Greece

Dear Malcolm. Thank you for sharing your life with me and the rest of the crew during the past wonderful two weeks. I had been planning on joining your boat from the very beginning after finding your website and I’m glad that I finally pulled off this trip together with you and Freya. I would forever have regretted if I didn’t take the opportunity to sail with you when I had it. My two weeks have been a blast and the trip has fulfilled all of my expectations. I will be going home with lots of memories and thoughts of life on the seas/waters of Greece.Good luck on your many future sails. Many thanks.

Dimitri Dedkov – Sweden
(joined Limnos-August 20th, left Samos August 31st)

2012 Skiathos Greece - Samos Greece

Dear Malcolm, “you’re my wife now Malcolm”, seriously, had an excellent time. Thank you for such an amazing time, couldn’t think how I could have spent my holidays better. A very well run boat with a diverse and interesting crew to get to know. I have made some really good friends that I hope to see again in the future as well as you and Freya. Really great to see so many Greek Islands and hidden bays that I would not have been able to see any other way!Good luck with the rest of your travels, I look forward to being on board again, if only so that I can command you to put the fenders out!  Thanks for a blast.    Brett Kerrigan – UK

(joined Skiathos-August 4th, left Samos September 2nd)

2012 Evia Greece - Patmos Greece

Dear Malcolm, just a quick note to say thanks. I’ve enjoyed the last 7 weeks with you and Freya. Your knowledge has been invaluable and I now have many answers to my questions. All the best for the rest of the season and if you make it to the Caribbean I hope we can meet up and sail together. Thanks for filling up my hard drive, I’ll never be short of a film or two! Take care.

David Ritchie – UK

(joined Evia 23rd July, left Patmos September 6th)

2012 Skiathos Greece - Limnos Greece                                                                                     

Dear Malcolm, it’s been five years since we met on “Jennifer”in Hurghada and you had your plans of buying your own boat. Your dream came true and now I have enjoyed 17 excellent days on Freya with all the great people I met here and so many islands, great sailing. I hope to see you next season and great sailing for the rest of this season. All my best

Cem Akkan – Turkey

(joined Samos-September 1st, left Kos September 18th)

2012 Leros Greece - Kos Greece

Thanks for having me on board with so little experience operating boats like this. It was a pleasure to learn about the Freya and visit these beautiful places with you and your friends. I was amazed that your kitchen was more spacious than the one in my Manhattan apartment! II will let you know when I’ve acquired my own boat and we can sail up and visit the Swedes. Thanks for everything

David Crawford – USA

(joined Leros-September 12th, left Kos September 18th)

2012 Patmos Greece - Kos Greece

Dear Malcolm, finally we’re out of your way. Now, without our funny Swedish heads shadowing your forward vision, you can double the speed in and out of those lovely Greek harbours                             SAY NO MORE!!

THANKS Malcolm Skipper for unforgettable memories. We had a fantastic time with you on Freya.     We’ll be back – that’s a threat!! Come to Sweden and we will learn you to eat tomatoes!                        The Swedish Gang

Walter, Torbjorn & Lars – Sweden

(joined Patmos-September 8th, left Kos September 21st)

2012 Kos Greece - Simi Greece

On Freya I experienced a variety of things – expected and unexpected! I feel thankful and blessed to have been able to sail with someone so competent and knowledgeable as Malcolm. The last two weeks have been a landmark in this extended period of travel. They represent a time of personal social expansion, self assertion and appreciation for every situation, experience and things that have come my way. From the circumstantial swell, sea-sickness, the food, islands, weather, people; I would not change a thing. I have loved the last two weeks and hope my path will cross with Malcolm/Freya’s again.

Taylor Collins - USA

(joined Kos-September 21st, left Simi October 6th)

2012 Rhodes Greece - Datca Turkey

Many thanks for the past 2 weeks of fun and sailing adventure. Malcolm, your knowledge and passed on experience as well as the assistance of the current crew has made my time on Freya a fun time. I will follow you on your website and wish you everything of the very best for all your future travels.

Denise Kroehnert - Switzerland

(joined Rhodes-September 30th, left Datca October 14th)

2012 Bozburun Turkey - Orhaniye Turkey

Well you took our sailing cherry and we hope it was as good for you as it was for us! We caught you at the end of the season and thus sadly only had 2 weeks, but in that time we enjoyed several anchorages and explored lots of Turkish coastline we would never have experienced without the freedom that Freya gave us. Between tying knots and pulling lines we learned a lot. Thank you so much for this incredible start into this wild world of sailing. Much appreciated for the opportunity!

Chris & Lily – Canada + Russia

(joined Bozburun-October 7th, left Orhaniye October 21st)

2012 Kos Greece - Orhaniye Turkey

Wow, already! 30 slow days filled with great people and beautiful places that no photo would do them justice. It goes by at the blink of an eye.

Thanks Malcolm for making such a fantastic adventure possible.

Iggie “The Caribbean Sleeping Expert” Wilford - USA

(joined Kos-September 21st, left Orhaniye October 21st)







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