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2013 Crew

2013 Crew

Written by former Crew Members  (email addresses have been removed for privacy reasons, but are available on request.)

2013 Tilos Greece - Dhenoussa Greece
Thank you for the amazing experience Malcolm. This trip has far outlived expectations - could not have asked for a better Skipper, boat or crew mates. good luck with the remainder of your journey, I hope we sail together again.
Jeff Lewis - Ireland & USA
(joined Tilos-May12th, left Dhenoussa-May 21st)

2013 Milos Greece - Cephalonia Greece
Sailing on Freya has been an experience filled with highs and lows. We have enjoyed travelling the Greek Islands on a very well kept boat and your knowledge was a very welcome addition to know we were in safe hands.
The trip over the past 20 days taught us some small parts of what is involved to sail and has only strengthened our future ambitions to keep our sailing dreams alive.
We wish you and your future crew the same luck that I encountered with the Tuna caught and no result similar to the story of our dear Broken Nosed Dolphin!
Kind Regards
Olesja & Ghiath - Germany & Australia
(joined Milos-May31st, left Cephalonia-June 21st)

2013 Methoni Greece - Cephalonia Greece
Dear Malcolm, start with broken nose Dolphin in Black Sea, who was my friend in lace called Kerpe, you can tell everyone the story later on.
Well it's amazing sailing with Freya, honorable Captain and crew with me at the helm of Freya. I am afraid I leave here in Cephalonia for family reasons otherwise I was wishing to stay until my money runs out.
I wish a very pleasant journey for you and Freya that will take you where your sole wants to be.
Best luck, health and happiness forever my friend.
All the best, your Turkish friend from Istanbul
Altan Kayaoz - Turkey
(joined Methoni-June 11th, left Cephalonia-June 22nd)

2013 Kalamata Greece - Stromboli Sicily
Hi Malcolm, the past month sailing around the Med has provided myself with some awesome memories and I think I'll be looking to pencil another trip to the Greek Islands soon. Thank you for sharing these places with the crew and for answering the 358 questions I had about sailing.
This was the best way to travel around the Islands and I wish you a good rest of the trip along with the Atlantic crossing.
All the best.
Niki Dow - New Zealand
(joined Kalamata-June 9th, left Stromboli-July 9th)
Skipper's note: I was deeply shocked and saddened to learn of Niki's untimely death as a result of a car accident in Portugal just seven weeks after leaving Freya.
Rest In Peace Niki Dow 1990-2013

2013 Levkas Greece - Gibraltar
Hi Malcolm, We ended up crewing on Freya after two hours notice and instead of hiking in Portugal we happily found ourselves sailing with you from Lefkada to Gibraltar. It's a long story but like you said: "It was meant to be".
These three weeks with you and your international crew have been amazing. We have seen a lot and we have learnt a lot, but the most important thing: you made us to understand that this is what we want to do . Some day somewhere we will have our own boat. But first we will have to gain a lot more experience.
Safe sails.
Heidi & Petri - Finland
(joined Kalamata-June 30th, left Gibraltar-July 21st)

2013 Katakolon Greece - Gibraltar
Thanks Malcolm, great fun sailing on Freya - especially liked the night sailing from Greece to Italy and also across the Med to Gibraltar.
The international crew became good friends, I'll hope to see you again next year in the Caribbean
Safe travels and Good Winds
Enjoy Each Day!
Jim Gaston - USA
(joined Katakolon-June 14th, left Gibraltar-July 24th)

2013 Lefkas Greece - Gibraltar
Lovely sailing, great trip, very well organised and prepared. Competent Skipper, would like to sail again sometime.
All the best winds.
Emil Grama - Romania
(joined Lefkas-June 30th, left Gibraltar-July 24th)

2013 Lefkas Greece - Porto da Quinto Madeira
It's been an amazing adventure sailing from Greece to Madeira. Many a story I would love to spill here but they will stay with Freya and her crew.
I don't know if long distance sailing is really my cup of tea, but I'm glad that I've experienced it. 
Thank you Malcolm for a well organised and safe trip, I hope I will be able to join you some time in the future.
Mark Fernie - Australia
(joined Lefkas-June 30th, left Madiera-August 4th)

2013 Gibraltar - Arrecife Lanzarote
Thank you for a unique adventure - far-flung Islands, shooting stars, Dolphins and Turtles, Geckos and endangered birds(and their effusive Biologists), and bio-luminescent algae sparkling as much as the sky, which had more stars than I've ever seen.
It's been an unforgettable trip - best of luck as you continue your journey.
Stephanie Morrison - USA
(joined Gibraltar-24th July, left Lanzarote-August 16th)

2013 Gibraltar - Arrecife Lanzarote
This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I will keep a very good memory of it for years to come. 
Malcolm, you are extremely well organised and you keep Freya in excellent shape. I felt in total security during my whole stay aboard. 
This was also a great opportunity to meet crew mates with interesting and varied experience from seven countries.
All the best in the Caribbean and beyond.
Simon Arcand - Canada
(joined Gibraltar-22nd July, left Lanzarote-August 16th)

2013 Palairos Greece - Arrecife Lanzarote
Well, being that this is my third time aboard that should speak for itself!
I don't know what I've said in my other entries, but thanks again for an amazing adventure. I am so impressed by your thoughtful planning and desire to accommodate people. I am very envious and hope i can follow in your footsteps in a few years.
You really are living the dream, you worked hard for it so i am happy that you are enjoying the fruits of your labor.
Fair Winds till we meet AGAIN.... Bonaire! Love ya, 
Nancy Saunders - USA
(joined Palairos-29th June, left Lanzarote-August 16th)

2013 Puerto Calero Lanzarote  - Las Palmas Gran Canaria
Have had an amazing time. We have had good winds to take us to our destinations which has made the trip a better sailing adventure. well done to the Skipper for the very well organised schedule, I am impressed.
Freya has been one of the most comfortable boats that I have been aboard, the first time I have had my very own en-suite.
Good luck with your next legs and I hope I can visit again. Take care.
Alexandra Constable - UK
(joined lanzarote-20th August, left Gran Canaria-August 31st)

2013 Las Palmas Gran Canaria – Marina San Miguel Tenerife
Malcolm – Thanks a lot for the opportunity to sail through the western Canary Islands on Freya. It was an enjoyable experience and has given me a much better picture of what the Cruisers life is like and appreciate all of the work that goes into planning a trip like this. It was relaxing to not have to do it all myself for once! and was impressed with your seamanship and never had any qualms with your (sailing) decisions.
I hope your trek across the Atlantic& cruising in the Caribbean all goes well. I’ll be keeping an eye on the boat and might be in contact with you again in the future if I end up wanting to sail on a boat down there.
Enjoy Cryptonomicon – I’ll start Shantaram very soon.
Fair Winds and Seas
Kregg Philpot - USA
(joined Gran Canaria-2nd September, left Tenerife-September 20th)

2013 Las Palmas Gran Canaria – Marina San Miguel Tenerife
We are so glad to have found Freya and you and will be following your future Itineraries with great interest as we plan our future vacations - we would love to travel with you in the Caribbean, ABC's and maybe eventually Thailand.
It's been a pleasure to learn from you and to meet others from distant places.
We had a lot of fun, good meals in the sunset, good sailing and that's what it's all about.
Kristine Wolf & Victor Brennen - USA
(joined Gran Canaria-2nd September, left Tenerife-September 21st)

2013 Marina San Miguel Tenerife - Rodney Bay St Lucia
Hi Malcolm, It's all over now. I'd like to thank you for the passage, it was a long one but a good one.
With almost full coverage of weather conditions (drifting with no wind to Force 10!). We had some fun ("3 weeks", floating toilet seat, the mirror), some less fun (crazy auto-pilot, broken steering, engine failure) and some amazing stuff (Rainbow during the night!).
Now it's time to continue the adventure.
Merry Christmas, stay safe and - Cheers.
Jakub Jaroszewski "Kuba"  - Poland
(joined Tenerife-24th November, left St Lucia 26th December)

2013 Marina San Miguel Tenerife - Rodney Bay St Lucia
Hi Malcolm, thank you for the opportunity to cross the Atlantic in 25 days. like Kuba said, there are things in life that you only do once, crossing the Atlantic might be one of those. The weather from a glassy sea to a Force 10 we had, but I always felt and secure aboard your home. 
I wish you and Freya all the best and always some water below the keel.
Tim Schonen  - Germany
(joined Tenerife-17th November, left St Lucia 30th December)

2013 Marina San Miguel Tenerife - Rodney Bay St Lucia
Beaufort 10, broken steering, no auto-pilot, water in the cockpit AND: being in the middle of the Atlantic makes me wonder !why I am not sitting in my nice flat in Stockholm, sipping wine and sleeping in my not rocking bed!
BUT: the Atlantic crossing was an experience I would not have missed! - 25 rocking days with pasta and tomato sauce (mostly) but a safe trip thanks to the Skipper Malcolm and co- Skipper  David (professor Higgins) - thanks for his steering lessons.
I am happy to hear the old Perkins singing again (30-12-13) - Was dead.
Thanks for an unforgettable trip! All the best for Freya's future trips.
Walter Kolb  - Sweden
(joined Tenerife-24th November, left St Lucia 30th December)