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2014 Crew

2014 Crew

Written by former Crew Members  (email addresses have been removed for privacy reasons, but are available on request.)

2014 Tortola B.V.I - Tortola B.V.I
So here I am on Freya in the BVI's escaping from the Canadian winter even though it was only the really mild west coast (B.C.) variety.
Nice to feel the warm wind on your back rather than the cold wind that invaded Victoria BC this past four months.
So what will I tell friends about Freya? - She is a well found boat with great accommodation and well skippered. The crew was nicely balanced with the two Kentish men able to control the eccentric crew members from Yorkshire. Not sure what young Matt made of everything but I appreciated his help and concern for my well-being. II wish him well for the future.
Thanks folks for a great 8 days.
Peter Denby - Canada
(joined BVI January 25th  , left BVI-February 3rd)

2014 Tortola B.V.I - Marigot Bay St Martin
This was my second time on Freya, first time was in beautiful Greece in 2012.
This time I went through Caribbean adventure, or to be more precise, only a small part of the Caribbean, which means 3 weeks in the British Virgin Islands together with Malcolm and the crew.
I had a chance to see nice places where we swam and snorkeled in beautiful Reefs, where I saw lots of nice fish, Corals, Sea Turtles and other marine life.
We also had a chance to see amazing Dolphins swimming next to our boat. We went to many islands across the whole BVI and we had good times together. I had a chance to learn this time a bit more about sailing and had a chance to go through the night sailing to St Martin.
Thanks again Malcolm and other crew mates for sharing the adventure.
I hope to see you again soon!
Albert Nowicki - Poland
(joined BVI  February 1st , left St Martin-February 20th)

2014 Tortola B.V.I - Tortola B.V.I
Came for the British Virgin Islands: Saw lots, did lots, experienced lots and had a wonderful time through it all just as expected. 
While the BVI's delivered what I expected to find, the company aboard Freya greatly exceeded my expectations. I would definitely do it again and would change almost nothing aside from making my time on Freya longer.
I pray for good health, joy and fair weather for Malcolm and for all who board Freya.
Father Craig Cruikshank - Canada
(joined BVI February 10th, left BVI-February 21st)

2014 Antigua and Tortola B.V.I - Basseterre St Kitts
A welcome smile met me at English Harbor Antigua for an adventure I will remember for a long time to come. The crew aboard were also welcoming and for the following days I sailed up and down the west coast of Antigua. I tried to absorb the knowledge of sailing in preparation for my Day Skipper course to follow in the BVI'S.
Everything on board went like clockwork and after de-briefings on yacht safety, Do's and Don'ts everything went just fine.
I rejoined Yacht Freya after 5 weeks in the BVI's working as a Divemaster/guide, to a different crew. Again a lovely bunch that had gelled together very well.
Great journeys, intelligent conversation, fun and laughter commenced. Many Islands, Bays, Beaches and Mountains later my adventure has come to an end!
Cheers to Malcolm and the crew for a wonderful memorable and invaluable experience!
Kim Jackson - UK
(joined Antigua January 4th, left Antigua January 9th; joined BVI February 15th, left St Kitts-March 6th)

2014 Fort de France Martinique  - Fort de France Martinique
What can I say? The fact this is my fourth trip must speak for itself. As usual, the Crew's safety and enjoyment are top priorities. Thank you Malcolm, for the extra time and effort put in to helping me do some good dives. This is not a dive boat but you made it one and I truly appreciate it.
Luckily the crew was lovely and we had some good times and some good meals.
Thanks for a wonderful week and I look forward to trip number five!
Nancy Saunders - USA
(joined MartiniqueApril 13th, left Martinique-April 19th)

2014 St Pierre Martinique  - Fort de France Martinique
To Malcolm, Thank you Sir for having me on your boat. Had a great time for the two weeks that I was with you in Martinique. I loved the sights that I was able to see, the diving that I was able to experience with you and the dinner visits and entertainment afterwards.
The whole crew was a joy to explore with.
Hope to do it again sometime, sincerely.
Thomas Redlin - USA
(joined Martinique April 9th, left Martinique-April 24th)

2014 Fort de France Martinique  - Marigot Bay St Lucia
To all who ever come aboard Freya. I had a wonderful time aboard this very suitable Beneteau 500, perfect for this kind of travelling, and so is Malcolm our wonderful Captain . You really feel welcome on board.
Thanks for the two nice weeks, so bad that I have to leave on such short notice and return to Sweden.
See you soon Malcolm
Stefan Widell - Sweden
(joined Martinique April 18th, left St Lucia-April 30th)

2014 Tortola B.V.I - Marigot Bay St Lucia
How to sum up the adventure of a lifetime?
When we started out we certainly did not know what to expect and in the end this has been more than we could have ever dreamed. 
After three months Freya has come to feel like home and you Malcolm, feel like family.
Our excursions up the steps of Saba, along Dominica's Indian River or exploring warm and beautiful Caribbean waters filled with charming Trunk-fish, wary Turtles and adoring Sargent Majors - all will be remembered with love and celebration.
But along with all the grandeur, we all relish the memory of the simple joys - the comforting whir of the Genny heralding the eight o'clock hour, the rolling of the waves at night and the cry of "Hatches!" when the rain showers came. Most of all we will cherish the conversations and camaraderie. The exciting stories shared around the dinner table, the laughter, the books and the Music! Freya is most certainly a "Boat That Rocks" You've even made a Floyd fan of me!
Everyday forward we will know that our lives have been changed and so much for the better for having been aboard Freya.
Few will ever understand, but you will and for that we feel grateful and blessed.
We wish you cloudless skies, wind at your back, gentle seas, solid anchorages, sunsets flashing green and quiet restful nights.
We will miss you terribly but will hold you close in heart.
Until Cuba, much love.
Steve Jungen & Marina Kalani-Keegan - USA
(joined BVI February 9th, left St Lucia 10th May)

2014  Marigot Bay St Lucia - Union Island Grenadines
Malcolm - Thanks for a fabulous two weeks in The Windward Islands. Great Islands, great sailing, great anchorages. We enjoyed exploring with you and found a few places we'd love to return to.
Hope your end-of-season goes well and "lay-up" is trouble free and enjoyable.
All the best, Chris
Dear Malcolm, how wonderful it has been to be back with you on Freya - another repeat offender!
Since I was last on Freya my whole life has changed and it seems part of that journey was started for me on Freya in Greece.
My love of the ocean, Islands and boats has continued and grown so that returning to Freya in the Caribbean has been such a lovely continuation of that.
Thank you again for having me back and for introducing Chris to your "proper" way of life and all it's possibilities. Julia
Chris Farquharson & Julia Beveridge - Australia
(joined St Lucia May 10th, left Union Island 25th)

2014  Marigot Bay St Lucia - Bonaire
Thank you & Freya for the great adventure sailing The leeward Isles and to Bonaire.
I enjoyed meeting all the other Crew Mates and sailing friends of yours.
It was a comfort to know that safety and well being of the Crew was always of paramount importance.
The sharing of knowledge and good times will always be of fond memory. For me a sailing foundation has been built.
May all your future adventures be of good health and good cheer.
Cheers Bill
Bill Hajek - USA
(joined St Lucia April 30th, left Bonaire July 2nd)

2014  Prickly Bay Grenada - Bonaire
Thanks Malcolm - My 2nd trip on Freya was great.
Grenada was fun and the 4 day sail downwind to Bonaire was fun too.
Diving in Bonaire was awesome, I hope you enjoy plenty of diving during your stay.
I am looking forward to sailing on Freya again.
Enjoy each day!
Jim Gaston - USA
(joined Grenada 21st July, left Bonaire July 3rd)