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2015 Crew

2015 Crew

Written by former Crew Members  (email addresses have been removed for privacy reasons, but are available on request.)

2015 Prickly Bay Grenada - Jolly Harbour Antigua
As always it was a pleasure to spend one week on the boat!
Nice smooth sailing, nice Skipper and nice crew
Enjoy the trips to come. 
Jose Vecina - USA
(joined Grenada January 1st  , left Antigua January 10th)

2015 Prickly Bay Grenada - Jolly Harbour Antigua
Thanks Malcolm, I enjoyed celebrating my Birthday on Freya, enjoyed the 3 night sails from Grenada to Antigua.
The Full Moon and "Moonbow" at night was amazing.
Jim Gaston - USA
(joined Grenada January 1st  , left Antigua January 10th)

2015 Prickly Bay Grenada - Jolly Harbour Antigua
Capt. Malcolm - I have really enjoyed my time aboard Freya.
Thank you so much for all the hospitality.
Here's to wind in your sails.
John Gaston - USA
(joined Grenada January 1st  , left Antigua January 10th)

2015 St Georges Grenada - Jolly Harbour Antigua
An amazing journey with you and some great Crew.
Thanks Soooo much!!!
Pam Lepore - USA
(joined Grenada January 3rd , left Antigua January 21st)

2015 Prickly Bay Grenada - Virgin Gorda BVI
I wasn't sure what to expect - new to sailing and came on board for 30 days.
Everything about my time on Freya was absolutely fantastic! - Great people, great sailing and a Skipper that was great in every way. You can be 100% confident that if something goes wrong, Skipper Malcolm has a back-up and can fix anything on the boat.
I came with no agenda so everyday was a wonderful unexpected surprise and/or learning experience.
Thanks Malcolm for a fantastic experience!
Jim Keegan - USA/NZ
(joined Grenada December 31st  , left BVI January 31st)

2015 English Harbour - Virgin Gorda BVI
It was only two weeks and it certainly passed too quick.
A great experience with a great Skipper and Crew and some amazing places.
Hope to be back for some more sailing some time in the future.
Mathias Haugen - Norway
(joined Antigua January 18th  , left BVI February1st)

2015 Virgin Gorda BVI - Tortola BVI
Thanks for the second opportunity to sail on Freya. i'm learning how to do this and hope to follow your experience on my own boat soon.
Great Crew, fantastic food and fabulous winds in the channel (BVI's) Fantastic!
May our paths cross again.
Fair Winds Freya!
George Harris - Canada
(joined BVI January 31st  , left BVI February 9th)

2015 Virgin Gorda BVI - Tortola BVI
Malcolm, Thank you for a fantastic trip aboard the Freya. It was an experience I will never forget - and hopefully the start of many more sailing adventures.
The crew was just incredible - I will miss all of you - especially dinners together and playing Monopoly Deal ( which I will be introducing to my friends at home)
I wish you all the best in your future travels.
Susan Putney - USA
(joined BVI January 31st  , left BVI February 13th)

2015 Marigot Bay St Martin - Tortola BVI
Many thanks for those 17 days of sailing, snorkeling and discovering of the BVI'S.
Freya is definitely a great boat and I was lucky to share her with a great crew.
I wish you and Freya all the best.
Fair winds.
Jo - Switzerland
(joined St Martin January 27th  , left BVI February 15th)

2015 Marigot Bay St Martin - Tortola BVI
I spent one month on board of the beautiful Freya!
I love sailing and Malcolm let me sail her almost every day.
Beside sailing we have done a lot of snorkeling, hiking and spent some nice time onshore.
I was very lucky to meet fantastic people on board. lots of fun and lots of good food!!
Thanks a lot Malcolm for everything.
Fair winds.
Riccardo Benniau - Italy
(joined St Martin January 26th  , left BVI February 27th)

2015 Marigot Bay St Martin - Tortola BVI
I spent two months on Freya sailing from Grenada all the way to the BVI's and it has been marvelous times! It feels like I have been on at least three different cruises with all the crew changes and all the different islands we cruised. First a week of heavy weather passage sailing, then a couple of weeks as a true holiday with lots of snorkeling, beaches, bars and fun and then the last weeks with focus on sailing and sail trimming but also hiking and some diving.
Freya became a home away from home and I will miss those blue comfortable cushions on deck! She is very well equipped for both comfort and safety and so is the Skipper.
I will miss my time on Freya and look back with lots of good memories and with a much better understanding of cruising life.
Thank you so much for the experience. I hope to see you around the islands some time!
Fair winds and safe harbours. 
Jessica Persson
(joined Grenada January 3rd , left BVI February 21st)

2015 Tortola BVI - St Thomas USVI
Malcolm - What a pleasure to sail with you! Your knowledge, thoughtfulness and consideration made the voyage exceed my expectations.
Freya is well cared for and loved - this comes shining through in all the little details.
The "Cast of Characters" will bring a smile to my face far into the future.
Thank you for everything
Safe travels and keep warm!
Connie Fender - USA
(joined BVI February 24th  , left USVI March 5th)

2015 St John USVI - St Thomas USVI
Once again we sailed,we laughed, we cheered each day. As a repeat offender of the Freya Crew I cherished it all, as did my friend and companion Sally.
Weather and the Sea do not always accommodate the traveler, but the wiles of either one do not lesser our joy in the time spent with you.
Thanks Malcolm, it's all good.
Bill Hajek and Sally Bourk - USA
(joined USVI February 27th  , left USVI March 12th)

2015 St Thomas USVI - St Thomas USVI
This is my first trip off the mainland, first time living aboard for this long, first time anchoring overnight and first time sailing offshore.
I had a big hassle getting out of DFW due to weather but it was completely worth it. I am so glad that I was able to join up with Freya and would love to come back over and over.
This was a big learning opportunity for me and I felt safe and supported by Skipper and crew the whole time.
Best wishes and Fair winds to Malcolm, Freya and Crew.
Matt Blauser - USA
(joined USVI March 6th  , left USVI March 17th)

2015 St John USVI - Deshaies Guadeloupe
Boarded Freya in Redhook, St Thomas and as it turned out it was Malcolm and me aboard for the next 19 days. Due to winds and seas we altered our itinerary to take advantage of the more favourable conditions to St Barts - the overnight passage went very smoothly.
4 days in St Barts in the middle of the "Bucket Regatta" for Superyachts over 100ft; onto St Kitts, Montserrat, Antigua and Guadeloupe. Lots of great sailing, good anchorages,trips ashore, all in all a great 3 weeks aboard Freya.
Thanks Malcolm for allowing me to sail with you, enjoyed the movies and "Life on Mars" as after dinner entertainment. Will miss the several "Green Flashes" while enjoying our afternoon brew. Great Chicken Stew!.
Steve Anderton - USA
(joined USVI March 16th  , left Guadeloupe April 4th)

2015 Castries St Lucia - Tyrell Bay Carriacou
Malcolm, Thank you for the opportunity to join your boat as crew through the Windward Islands. Windy they are and a lovely experience.
I enjoyed, perhaps the most, sitting around the dining table with a freshly prepared meal and wine .
My second favourite thing was probably sleeping on deck in the cockpit. The cockpit cover is just brilliant - howling wind and rain would pass over and not a drip would land on me.
Your boat is fantastically equipped and I am looking forward to one day having a craft of my ownthat is so self sufficient.
It was fantastic exploring this part of the world and I always had the utmost confidence that we were safe, sound and in good hands - Thank you.
BrandonWhitehead - USA
(joined St Lucia May 2nd  , left Carriacou May 12th)

2015 Castries St Lucia - St Georges Grenada
Dear Malcolm, Thanks so much for the wonderful and unique opportunities you have provided uson the beautiful Freya.
From charming Bequia village to swimming with Turtles and Rays in Tobago Cays it has been an amazing two weeks of sailing.
Although our first "night sail" was certainly a challenge, we are now convinced that under sail is the best way to enjoy the Caribbean!
All the best for your off-season, hope it gives you a well earned break.
We really hope to see you in our part of the world in the next few years - Thailand? Philippines?
Affectionately Mark And Jane (and future baby!)
Mark Fernie and Jane Penhallurick - Australia
(joined St Lucia May 1st  , left Grenada May 16th)

2015 Roseau Dominica - St Georges Grenada
Malcolm, it has been a great 25 days on the boat. Thank you! 
Four countries (and a day in Dominica) has been quite the adventure. It's been the perfect mixture of relaxing (reading, napping, Movies, lounging)Sightseeing (Depaz Rum Distillery, all the Towns) & adventuring (Hiking, snorkeling, swimming with Turtles, Waterfalls).
Freya is a great boat to live on and a fun boat to sail.
All the best.
Brice Budke - USA
(joined St Dominica April 21st  , left Grenada May 16th)

2015 Basse-Terre Guadeloupe - Prickly Bay Grenada
Malcolm, thanks for letting me join your boat again - this time for over five weeks in the Caribbean!.
As I said in the Canaries, I've been wanting to do some extended exploration of this great sailing area. I feel like i got a good feel for all the Windward islands - it was definitely nice to have someone planning the trip that already knew all the customs and good Coves.
All the snorkeling was quite good, my favourite possibly being the statues off Moliniere Point on Grenada.
I can definitely see myself back down here sailing at some point. If it happens while you're still in the Caribbean I might look you up again.
Fair winds and calm seas
Kregg Philpott - USA
(joined Guadeloupe April 9th  , left Grenada May 17th)

2015 Prickly Bay Grenada - Kralendijk Bonaire
Dear Malcolm, you provided an outstanding experience during my time on Freya. I feel the well rounded nature of your methods and habits with respect to operating Freya allowed me to truly experience cruising from a complete point of view. It was as if this segment in time was an introductory course to cruising.
Of course, I am extremely grateful to you for taking the time to teach me, to include me in what needed to be done and for being very open and forthcoming about how you go about operating the boat, managing an ever changing crew and maintaining a safety first approach when things don't go to the original plan. I had an amazing adventure on Freya.
The sailing was top notch and your skill with managing the sail plan was exciting to observe. I understood how to sail when I came on board but now I have observed how to sail extremely safely and sensibly without much of the normal concern associated with gusts and heavy seas. I appreciate that you have added to my confidence and I look forward to practicing techniques I learned on Freya on my own boat back home.
Thank you doesn't say enough Malcolm, but as it is with the words we have to work with.
Thank you for opening and sharing your home on Freya so that aspiring Cruisers such as myself may experience this wonderful lifestyle.
Very Respectfully

George Lawler - USA
(joined Grenada July 7th , left Bonaire July 15th)