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2011 Basic and Actual Itinerary

2011 Itinerary

If the 2011 Basic Itinerary is not displayed below it can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page

2011 Basic Itinerary ‎‎(Subject to revision at any time)‎‎

The specific Itinerary on a week by week basis will be decided by the Skipper and the current crew bearing in mind the weather and the leaving/joining destinations of a crew change. A strong and prolonged "Meltemi" or southern gales could seriously influence our schedule and the number of Islands we visit, so please view the Basic Itinerary as a guide only This approach to cruising was extremely effective in 2010 as it gave us the flexibility to seek out good shelter from storms, stay longer in different locations and explore places of interest as suggested by The Crew.
On a crew change date Freya will always be in a location that is accessible by local transport (Bus, Taxi, Ferry) to and from the nearest airport.

The 2011 Actual Itinerary displayed below details the daily mileage that we actually covered. When compared to the 2011 Basic Itinerary it will be noted that there were a number of destinations that we were unable to visit due to the Meltemi which was particularly strong in August this year. We were also forced to stay in some safe anchorages longer than planned due to the prevailing wind a sea conditions

2011 Actual Itinerary

Malcolm Sanford,
Apr 16, 2011, 10:03 PM