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What to bring

What to bring? (and what not to bring!!):

Items to bring in addition to your personal items:
  • Sun-protection screen - the sun is strong at sea and the water reflects the sunrays.
  • Seasickness pills - there can be rough weather at times, in my experience "Anti-Seasickness "Patches" are the most effective.
  • Medical/Travel/Personal Liability Insurance - make sure the policy covers sailing - most don't !!!
  • Lightweight long sleeved shirt and trousers - these are the best sun protection.
  • Hat - protect your head.
  • Sunglasses - protect your eyes.
  • Sailing Gloves - protect your hands when we handle sails and lines. 
  • Special sailing/deck shoes - as we are now in the tropics we do not wear shoes onboard but if (for medical reasons only) you need to wear some they must have a special sole and must not be used ashore. 
  • Books - there is plenty of time to read.
  • Beach Towel - for use off the boat.
  • T-Shirts & Shorts - not too many, storage space is limited!
  • Swimwear - lots of opportunity to swim.
  • Lightweight warm top - for night sailing.
  • Lightweight windproof/waterproof  jacket - for the occasional shower!
  • Small personal torch
  • Lightweight collapsible bag/rucksack - there is no storage space for solid sided luggage.
  • 12 volt car charger for your laptop/mobile phone - there are plenty of 12 volt cigarette lighter charger sockets onboard. Note: Mains power for charging will only be available when the engine is running or if we are connected to shorepower (not very often)
  • Kindle or similar eReader - I have over 9,000 english eBooks in my library

You will not need to bring:
  • Bed Sheets and shower towels.
  • Snorkel equipment - there are fins, masks and snorkels onboard but if you have your own, bring them!
  • Lifejackets and safety harness.
  • Mains electricity operated items - mains electricity will be available onboard when we are connected to shorepower or when the Generator and Inverter are operational but this will be intermittant so do not bring anything that requires a permanent connection to mains power.

Do not bring:


Solid sided luggage or any non collapsible wheeled bags

storage space is very limited in the cabins so if your empty luggage cannot be

rolled up and stored
in the bottom of the hanging locker, then you may have to

sleep with it in your berth!!!